Jamie Joseph

Photographs by Michelle Marshall

Jamie Joseph is an upcoming 24-year-old soul singer and songwriter from the Midlands, UK. Citing the influences of Motown and Stax Soul, Jamie brings a refreshing youthful twist to his music. Introduced to a diverse range by his music-loving dad, the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye were forever being played whilst he was growing up.

Jamie has a unique and instantly recognizable singing voice different to the commonly heard manufactured tuned pop voice of today. In Jamie’s performance the imperfections are what give his vocals a natural soul feel.

After a nationwide search and hundreds of demos looking for a new original sound, Baby J found Jamie on his doorstep through a mutual friend. Baby J is currently producing Jamie’s debut album ‘Hit the Ground Running’. Jamie is currently being developed by Baby J’s music company, Baby People.

The last two years has seen Jamie constantly gigging up and down the country. He has recently performed on the UK national ‘Soul Acoustic Tour’, with the likes of Josh Osho, Terrie Walker and Shakka. As well as taking part in a 13 date national tour, ‘Soul Food Tour’ alongside Kof and Logic. iluvlive- a nationally recognised live music showcase event saw Jamie Joseph performing in numerous cities including London’s infamous Jazz Cafe, as well as his hometown Derby.


For more information on Jamie visit www.itsjamiejoseph.com 
Twitter: @ItsJamieJoseph